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For sale is a 1600 AR00536 246** Engine block: Spin on oil filter circa 1972 onwards....
Came out of long term storage from an Ex Alfa dealers collection.
Engine is in mint/excellent condition, appears to be NOS. The oil filter would screw onto front timing cover (No front timing cover included).
No corrosion. Comes with main bearing caps, cylinder head bolts.
No crank or piston and liners or cylinder head. No front timing cover.
Would suit as original part for 1600 Zagato or 1600 GTj.

Can be an alternative (non original) 536 engine for a GTVeloce 1600 or a modern 1600 replacement for the engines 502, 514, 526 or an increase capacity when replacing a 1300 AR530 engine.
This engine which uses an oil filter on the front timing cover would suit better access for extractors/custom exhaust systems so suit race application.
If you are looking to use your 105 GT Sprint 1600 or GT Veloce 1600 or 1963 to 1974 105 and want a reliable alternative 1600 engine then this block is a good starting point.
May also be an alternative block for a worn out AR502/A block.
Check it will suit your application/requirements: No returns
Photos in the next few days.
Firm $2500 US (3700 AUD) (2300 Euro)
Located Adelaide Australia.
Freight to interstate or O/S can be arranged.
10% deposit to secure it
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