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156 Sportwagon Roof Rails Not Roof Rack

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Hi All,

I'm just in the process of getting the sportwagon, but I really need one with roof rails. Does anyone know if they can be fitted as an aftermarket mod or are they factory fitted?

I only ask as I've had a look at the roof of a convienently parked 156 and couldn't see any plastic strips that you could remove for installation at a later date.

Thanks in advance,

Roy :)
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I figured. Thanks for the confirmation, it now makes it even harder to find my ultimate sportwagon!:cool:
Why not use add-on roof racks such as made by Yakima or Thule.

Use the latter on my Turbo Wagon.:)
Actually they can be fitted after: but the work should be done properly, because you have to dig some holes in the roof, if they're not sealed in a good way, rust can be a problem too.
Better if you have something you can attach without making holes in the roof.
Thanks for everyone's input on this topic.

I personally think the sportwagon's look are enhanced by the rails especially in chrome. Saw one the other day at some traffic lights and it just looked the business. You must have noticed how good they look on the Audi avants and it just enhances the already beautiful looks of the Alfa.



PS When I get the wagon of my dreams I'll post a pic!:)
I have the roof rails in my 2.5. I always hated them. :D
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Hey JacoAlfa,

Your car looks really sporty, I'm surprised you hate the bars so much. I guess its each to their own. Cheers for the pic!
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