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I am new to this forum, but I really need your help now.
I have bought used 156 instruments for my sim rig (Race 07 / GTE Evolution). The only problem is I can't figure what signals do I need to get the needles moving. So lets see one-by-one:
I have managed to get the needle all the way up to 6500 with a 184Hz square wave (the duty fill does not matter at all). By increasing the freq. it gets down to 4500 around ~308Hz and after that it drops. Well the needle works strange yesterday I was able to get it all the way up without moving it.. now I have to move the unit around to even get the needle moving... strange huh?! Maybe it's broken... I hope it's not
I am doing the same on the same signal pin squaring it down to GND, nothing happens. I have got other clusters (E46 works on ABS signal as well and it works like a charm...) they work fine by giving them this kind of ABS signal... Any idea?
Last but not least, the light dimming... the backlight of the other two units works fine. I have got the little unit that controls the backlight and 0s the trip counter. I wired it up according to the eLearn, but the speedo does nothing. I have checked the bulbs they are OK. The LCD works, idk why but it does. This is not primary as I can put leds into it and hardwire them to +12V and GND.

I have read other topics but there was no real info on how to drive these gauges. Please if you can give me a tip or you have got some experience with these instruments reply. :)
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