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My 156 selespeed from 1999 is a bit of a pet project for me. I have done most of the big stuff but probably need to replace the actuator within the next year. Except now it decided to get stuck in neutral with this horrid sound when trying to engage 1st gear. Leaving the car for an hour to cool down gets it back to normal, but this has now happened 4 times (of which once at a red light) so I'm reluctant to drive it. Reverse works fine. Could it be the solenoid for the 1st gear perhaps? I have a feeling that if I could force engage 2nd gear directly somehow I would be able to drive it to the Alfa service garage. If there's a trick for this, anyone... please let me know!!

I have been running the MultiECUscan software but not quite sure what parameter to look for... Had an error code (P1743) indicating a suspicious clutch sensor, but this was stored in memory and the error doesn't show up again after clearing, so might not have anything to do with it at all.

Cheers/ Henrik
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