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:confused:Seems my Q-system auto is stuck in "Auto" mode only. It does nothing when I go into manual mode.
Putting the shifter into H pattern 1,2,3,4 or in middle neutral does not work - still acts like its in auto "D".

I can use the Auto P, R, N and D only. (but dashboard LCD only shows D).
In auto "D" it still goes like a gun - there is no feeling of gear slipping at all. Sport and City still works perfect.

Took the car to Alfa - diagnostics advised was all clear !! Suggested it was Shift Solenoid (on top of transmission). Changed this and hundreds of $$ later still no fix !! Since it was down to trial and error - took the car back -

Not sure if I should take it to a Auto-Electrics specialist or keep fiddling around ??
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