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I have an old friend from my days at law school who is now working for a law firm in Moscow and, over dinner in London last night, he told me that he's decided to take his 156 GTA back to Russia with him. The trip starts on Monday with an overnight ferry to Holland and then eastwards to Denmark, a long ferry to Finland, then to Moscow. Sounds simple, but he reckons the journey will be just under 2,000 miles and he's allowing a week for it, so that he can relax as well, take in some sights etc.

We went for a spin in it this morning and wow that 3.2 engine sounds incredibly throaty, heaps of power. I just hope that it's going to be a reliable mode of transport for him once the winter over there really begins to bite. Has anyone else on here got experience with this particular model that I could pass on to him? He's only had it 6 months and is currently searching frantically for a new windscreen with the rain sensor, and the ferry leaves in about 48 hours ...

I'll get him to send me some photos and I'll post them up here :D

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