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Dont really want to sell these, but im in need of cash for my next vehicle purchase.

These are old Campagnolo reproduction GTA wheels in 14x6.5. Im not sure of the exact offset, but they are sort of rare by today's standards since only 6" and 7" are offered. These have the deep face of the 7" wheels, but being 6.5" allow them to clear dunlop suspension and fit low-arch wheel wells with minimal rolling.

Tires are Vredestien Sprint Classics in 185R14. I searched high and low for a wheel with the proper old-school transam profile and i think these get pretty close. They are tall and bubbly, just how they used to be. They also have a nice classic tread pattern. Tires are very new with only about 800 miles on them.

Looking for $1500 for the set picked up in Socal.



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Hey Robbie,
What are you buying? And will you be doing the Targa?
PS: I've got some color panels I want you to see!
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