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Hi Team, first time Alfa owner and first time poster from little old New Zealand.

I have a 2009 147 Selespeed with an oil pressure switch or wiring issue. The oil pressure warning has been flashing on my dash, It was checked out when it originally showed up, came back with full oil pressure so the assumption was made that it must be the pressure switch.
I have replaced the pressure switch on the engine block and still receive the error, I've taken it back to our
friendly local Alfa garage to have the fault cleared, which couldn't be done (still has full oil pressure).
Has anyone come across a similar issue around the pressure switch? I'm looking for any hints before I go getting another switch (in case the first one was faulty) or delving into the wiring to search for a potential short.
Or have I been barking up the wrong tree completely and is there another oil sensor I do not know about?
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