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I accumulated all the pieces for this engine with the intention of using a 1300 in the 1962 Giulietta racecar and saving the original AUSCA engine. But I sold the car with the AUSCA engine so I put this one together and it needs a home.
Compression is high (10.25 or so) but can be easily run on mid grade pump fuel.
Will separate from Aluminum flywheel with Tilton twin disk clutch assembly, and CR gearbox if necessary.
More pics from the build, are available for the interested ..

1300 High Performance Engine & Ancillaries:
Eng.# AR00102-17878 (1300 Guilietta Spider ) with 1600 one piece aluminum oil pan and oil pump

Block line honed before build.
Blocked drilled for additional direct oiling to main journals 2 & 4.
10:1 Mahle lightweight Slipper pistons clearanced for larger valves and
"0" balanced inc. the rod assemblies
Rod and main bearings .020 undersized, fitted to .0015 clearance
Oilpump rebuilt to .001 endplate clearance
New Lower and upper timing chains
New Reintz Gaskets, and oil seals
Heavy duty starter
Rebuilt Bosch Generator with new solid state Bosch regulator
New rebuilt Water pump (Built by Gordon Raymond)
Lucas (or Bosch) Distributor
Large diameter Ceramic coated headers
Aeroquip AN-12 front crankcase vent

Head Build:
Interim 1960 1300 head, ported (to 36mm) with enlarged seats, Seats and bowls to RJR shapes
Head surfaced .025
Valves are new with large 2.5 V6 intake valves reshaped to RJR shapes
Exhaust valve reshaped for flow
Shortened silicon bronze valve guides with seals on intake & exhaust
New VSK13 race springs,
New cam followers and seals on intake & exhaust
DCOE 4 Webers modified (bored) to fit 48mm weber internals with 2 inch Slide-in airhorns
(main jets 135, AC jets 200, Emulsion tubes F-16, F-50 idle jets 36mm choke tubes)

Cams (full profile available, RJR designed for High torque and HP):
Intake RJR 429 11.2 lift, Dur. @ .050 257 degrees. LC 104
Exhaust, RJR 590, 11.1 mm lift, Dur. @ .050 251 degrees. LC106
Custom port matched manifold
NGK R (racing) spark plugs

Engine is currently fitted with Aluminum Flywheel with Twin Disk Tilton clutch and Close ratio 4 speed gearbox. (With release bearing assembly)
I also have a couple of lightweight modified stock 1600/1300 105 tooth flywheels that need to go..
Will sell engine separate or as assembly with gearbox.


Race box with close ratio lightened gears, new Syncros (Moly) and dogs. Shift forks, bearings and seals replaced.
Ratios:3.0 / 1.85 / 1.25 / 1.0

Aluminum flywheel, Tilton clutch and 2 disk weigh total of 14 lbs. pounds will conseder selling separately.


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Hi Richard,Can you describe the condition of the two lightened steel flywheels,ie,have been cut many times,need surfacing,overheated,ring gear,balance,etc.?and price.Also,I remember reading somewhere that you suggest two different cams(as opposed to pairs of Veloces,Euros,..)to help wake up a basically stock 1300 Giulietta engine,can you tell me which ones?Phil

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Reminds me of my friend's 59 Alfa Veloce 1300 coupe that had an engine built up by Carlo. He could safely rev that to 9000 rpm in local conference races, 9500 rpm if he was being pushed. He also had the 5th gear modification to the gearbox. The engine seemed like it had about 10 hp output at about 4000 rpm or less it seemed but went like crazy up higher of course. Difficult to drive on the street. wonder what happened to it, was sold to a fellow from North Dakota as I recall.
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