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I have just been checking the pre-load on the front hubs on my 2600. I can only find info on the 102 (p 44 of the 2000 suspension file on the CarDisk CD),

The pre-load service setting is noted as 75-105 kgmm.

There is a special too (# C.5.0109) with little weights, for checking this (which of course I do not have).

I worked out that 105 kgmm is equal to 0.759 lbft, which I believe is 9.11 inlb.

This would be at the center of the hub. To measure the pre load using a lug nut and an inlb torque wrench, I figured that would be about 7.5 inlb (as the lugs are 2 1/4" out from the center).

Does this figure of 7.5 inlb sound correct to other Alfisti?



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There are two ways you might do this.

My quick math suggests the preload is around 9.09 inch-pounds, but that's close enough to your number to not matter.

You can approach it like you suggest, or by making a tool that you can bolt to your lugs with a nut in the middle to avoid having to calculate offset torque, or

Just tighten the axle nut until the wheel starts to get slight stiffly and back off to the next cotter-hole. Wheel should turn smoothly by hand.

If you want to use a lug nut on a stud, you might actually use a lug nut on the far side, with your torque wrench crossing over the middle of the hub, then your indicated torque will be higher than 9in-lbs and easier to get a reliable measurement on your wrench.

I just use the "feels about right" method, with no problems.

Good luck
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