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I'm replacing my rear axle on a '67 1600 Duetto, as well as springs, bushings, and brake system.

When I dropped the axle, I was surprised to see aluminum seats at the top. There was nothing at the bottom - no metal seat, no rubber.
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These pulled out with a good tug, and on top of them was a thick rubber seat (which is probably good, isolating the aluminum from steel). My first reaction was wow, stock springs plus spacers? No wonder it sat so high. I see what looks like an 8, and I measure around 8mm thickness.
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But as I look at the parts manual, maybe that's supposed to be there. (This is the 1600 Spider parts manual)
#534.00 shows "Bracket, spring." That's the alum part I assume. Or is it a thin sheet metal cup?
#535.00 shows "Pad, spring." That's the rubber.

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Classic Alfa shows what looks like that alum spacer cup in 21.5, 16.5, and 11.5mm. Not 8mm.
They also show this "rear spring top seat" which appears to be thin sheet metal. Could this be #534.00?
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They show this "rubber seat for the top of spring" -
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Is this the replacement part for my rubber seat? The seat in my car seems soft and pliable, no damage - why not just reinstall these? Then do I want / need the alum spacer? It's only 8mm, no real penalty I guess. I'm installing yellow Centerline springs, from well over 10 years ago (maybe 20), still in the bags.

There is nothing in the lower spring pan, and nothing shows in the parts manual. Should I put some cut up inner tube sheet in there?

And the plastic sheath around the spring coils is still there. New spring wire is fatter. This was for vibration isolation as I understand it. What should I install on the coils?

Thanks -
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