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I am replacing the 101 series motor in my giuiletta with a 105 series (1300) block. My old generator was a Lucas, and it worked fine. Unfortuantely, the new 105 block does not have the studs to mount the bracket that holds the rear of the Lucas generator.
Can anyone tell me what generator was used with the 105 motors ? I am guessing it is a marelli, and it has different mounts than my Lucas. If I can find the right generator, can I get parts to rebuild it, and will I be able to use the Lucas voltage regulator ? If you have a picture of the right generator, that would be very helpful. Any other suggestions on a path of least resistance to solving my problem would be appreciated.
My car is positive ground, and I would like to keep it that way.
Thanks for the help
Chuck in NC

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All the 105 series generators I've seen were Bosch. I've got the one that was working on my 67 Spider about 6 mos. ago when I replaced the engine with a 1750 with an alternator. I'd sell it and the regulator for pretty cheap if you need it. Negative ground. I'm not sure what's involved in reversing the polarity of a generator.
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