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I've been working on these off and on for well over a year. It's so hard to find a filter canister with the graphics still on it. I've managed to find all but the FILT brand. That one seems to be less common, for some reason.

These will all be printed by a state of the art laser printer. I've switched to a different vendor for printing because the ink cartridges for the Alps brand printers are no longer in production. So, as the supplies dwindle, it will be harder and hard to find a hobbyist to print them for me. My cost has doubled for a single page size print, but, I want to be able to offer these, anyway.

I used a NAPA filter for this application. I trimmed the decal very closely to the graphics. Next, I cleaned the surface of the oil filter and applied the decal. I used a soft bristle paint brush to brush out the air bubbles and wrinkles. I was surprised how forgiving the decal is to apply. I even used my finger to massage the wrinkles out. I'll give it a clear coat before I install the filter in my car for a test. Yes, I know, I put it on upside down.











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NICE work! I need a COMIT MILANO decal for my 66 gtv, I will ask some of the alfa guys up here in Toronto area to see if we can put together a group buy with one ship. Will look for a your finish date and cost..
Thanks Larry
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