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Posting a little info (under a more searchable thread title) on differences between throw out bearing sleeves / tubes on 105 gearboxes in case useful to someone in the future. Info below originally came from this thread: This is a curveball I didn't see coming...

Some things worth noting for posterity:
  • The correct 105 sleeve on mine is different than what's on later 105 models. Guessing maybe when Alfa changed to the screw-in reverse switch that maybe they changed to a different T/O sleeve...but that's just conjecture. What I do know is that mine pictured below is different than the one pictured here from an S4 rebuild. How to tell the difference? Well, the earlier ones like mine are flared at the bottom and have a collar like pictured below.
  • These earlier 105 sleeves press out from inside the bell housing (see pic below), which is different than the later model ones that press out from the back (gearbox facing side) of the bellhousing as noted in the S4 build thread above.
Earlier 105 sleeves have this collar (oil seal sits in it) and are also flared at the bottom as seen in the first pic above:


Earlier 105 sleeve presses out from inside the bellhousing:
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