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Years ago I made two sets of these gears. Spent a couple evenings a my buddies lathe with some expensive cutters. I have two good gearboxes for my race car (one of these sets and an Alfaholics set) and this set of gears has been sitting around. Open to offers. Gears located in Calgary AB, I can work with you to find the best option for shipping.
just to get a discussion for thought. An Alfa is a constant mesh gearbox, all the gears are rotating all the time, the reason 2nd gear synchro wears out isn't because 2nd gear is too heavy, its because the whole gear set is too heavy. The first to second upshift and third to second downshift is the biggest speed changes within the gearbox...thus the synchro has to do the most work compared to the other synchros. If you lighten the whole system (including the clutch friction disk, you can make shifts quicker and with less load on all the synchros but second gear will benefit the most.
If you want this deal to include other parts of a gearbox, I can probably help you out...but not dog rings or synchros.
To be clear, this was from a standard Alfa 105/115 gearbox, not GTA. They can be transplanted into any 105/115 case.
Thanks for looking,
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