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Alfa going to be scrapped

Hello guys!

I am writing you this lines from Bucharest, Romania. I am given the chance to buy a chassis of an Alfa Romeo with an engine that I suppose it is still an Alfa.

The story is simple. The car was imported in Romania immedietly after the communism regime and got dismantled with the future purpouse of restoring ( I guess ). But it remained in pieces for almost 30 years. Apart from the shell, engine and gearbox, everything else got stolen or lost away.

Its actual owner wants to scrap the car, being only an empty shell, basically. I am trying to convince him to postpone his decision.

As I am new on this website and new in the alfa world I have no idea of price parts and labour costs to make this car back in its initial form.

So, first thing first, can you please tell me what car and engine is this:
Body: AR608790
Engine: AR00548 46743

Best regards!
821 - 821 of 821 Posts