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102 Spider Stainless Steel Trim Question

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Has anyone had experience with the new ss body trim being offered our usual vendors in Europe? CA was kind enough to email a higher resolution photo, but I am trying to find more information. Thanks Mark
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To expand on our earlier conversations...

My suspicion is that there is only one manufacturer for replacement trim for the 102. Some is polished stainless, some is plated. All the distributors seem to have stock or be out of stock at the same time.

Initially, the quality was very high. I have purchased the long lower side strips, a nose "heart" grille, and the two nose air-inlet surrounds. These were generally superior. These purchases were made between ten and three years ago.

In the last three years I bought two pairs of hood air inlet trim and a pair of door map pocket pull tab trim. These were awful. The hood inlet trim appeared to be someone's guess as to what might work, but there was no hope. I would have been better off with a stamped piece of stainless and make my own. The pocket trim had all of the quality of a toy found in a Cracker Jax box.

I also recently purchased a trunk lock set advertised for a 102. In reality, it was a 2600 unit. I was able to modify the ram length to make it work. Otherwise, the quality was high.

Door handles and window winders have been B+ quality. Not perfect, but fairly nice.

I've been disappointed by aftermarket Touring Wings. The paint/cloisonné is poor and/or flakes off. I've had securing studs pop off during finger-tight assembly, and sometimes the curvature needs tweaking.

BTW, OKP offers a side trim-strip mounting kit. It's worth the money. I've made all those parts in the past, but the OKP kit is good quality, and saves a ton of time.
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After checking around there is only one maker of this trim. I haven't ordered many trim pieces but some years ago I did buy a pair of rocker panel ss trim for a Giulietta spider and they were awful. The creases weren't crisp and the shape wasn't very consistent. Had to send them back. Don, you mentioned a Seattle based metal repair place that worked for you. Maybe if I can get a few names of top notch metal repair places in the U.S. west, I can try to get one repaired. Shipped my damaged one to Sherm's in Sacramento and they said it would be 8 weeks(not usually a problem with me) and they weren't sure if they could really fix it. This is not a good option.
Art Brass Plating
206 767 4443
206 767 4496
206 920 5763 (probably a mobile phone. I'd try the others first).

They made a lot of my stuff look like NEW, when I expected it to be trash-binned.
Thanks, will check it out. Anyone else out there that knows a metal repair shop that does high quality work?
Unless you find somebody locally, mailing/shipping will be a killer because the dimensions of the long side spears typically exceed mail carrier size limitations, calculated as: length + 2x (width + height) -- which typically cannot exceed 108 inches (or 130 inches for special cases) and requires manual handling, if accepted.
FWIW, when undertaking brightwork restoration, its best to just not ask the price. Go for the best, or you'll suffer the pangs of regret.
Update on this.....Being curious, I went ahead and ordered a pair of trim from Classicalfa. I was quite surprised as they are well made and accurate in it's dimensions. The only issue is that they need a final buff to bring out the shine to match the rest of the trim. Also the price is inexpensive and shipping was reasonable.
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