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I am working on restarting my 102 spider restoration and there are some pieces that I am missing or are damaged. My original long list went missing and I have procrastinated long enough, so here are a few parts I know I need. I will come up with more later.

1365.84.801/2 Glass Bowl for Fispa Fuel Pressure Regulator/Filter Engine Thermostat Housing (Not too corroded) Engine Crankshaft Woodruff Key

Fuel Pipe Assembly (The short section connecting the fuel tank to rubber hose/fuel pump, with Banjo fitting on one end compression fitting on the other (Unknown P/N)

Please PM me if you have any of these parts available.

Thank you,

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Hi Steve,

If you can't find the glass bowl, I have one of them in perfect condition, no chips at all.
Outer diameter about 53 mm or 2.1/8 "
The price is 34 €, shipping to the US included.

If interested, send me a PM with your E-mail address for details.





1 - 3 of 3 Posts