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101 Veloce intake plenum

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I am looking for a Lower intake plenum for a 101 Veloce with Dcoe2's. I just need the lower half that bolts on to the carbs. Anyone have one they can sell?
[email protected] Thanks, DB
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They are around--a couple weeks ago a racing shop that I visit had one from racing a Veloce decades ago.

Try Keith Goring 860-542-2599, Dean Russell 313-561-3327, or Randy Pene' 760-271-2508 David. Tell them I sent you.
Is this the same as those used on 105 GTs? My 1600 uses one that fits DCOE4s, originally from a Sprint GT.
I think the "belly" of the intake casting is much narrower on the 101s.

105s seem to have lots of room so the airbox is bigger.

Yes, the very bottom of the 101 veloce plenum gets very narrow, almost to a point, where the later air boxes are flat and wider at the bottom and therefore won't fit. DB
I am looking for the top half with the round air inlet instead of the oval as on the 105's Part # top half
And if you happen to have a bottom half as well than the part # is

Thank you very much.
These will be available "soon" as reproductions from Centerline. Joe Cabb has been working on this project for some time now.
You might give him a call.
@Gordon, thanks for the update but I prefer the original. Maybe more expensive know but cheaper at the end!

So I am still looking.

Did you try Keith Goring 860-542-2599 or Randy Pene' 760-271-2508? They are always good sources. Tell them I sent you. You might also try Dave Brohan <[email protected]>.
I've got one I believe is right, which probably is a good quality repro rather than an original. I'll get some pics.
Thank you Andrew look forward to your photo's.
You can also email to
Ralandman (at) gmail (dot)) com
Here it is. Bought if from an old guy cleaning stuff out of his airplane hanger last year, and he thought it was repro.
I don't know how exactly to tell a repro from original one of these. The vent tube inside the box extends higher than the one on my 101 Spider, if that's a help.


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Sent you a pm
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