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101 Sprint - Rear Seat Picture(s)?

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I am trying to put my Sprint back together, including its rear seat. Yes, it came with a rear seat, rather than the more common parcel shelf. Does anyone have any pictures of the rear seat in its original configuration? If so, please post here. Thanks!

John Trevey
Austin TX
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Here's a picture of what my Sprint has for a back seat. Hope it helps.


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Blimey! My Sprint had two pieces of ply with a fabric covered padded cushion on one side and carpet on the other. There was a leather "pull" which allowed you to lift up the seat and turn it over. Nothing at all like Reid's number above.
Reid's is very cool. :cool:
Some where out "There" is chassis number AR1493#23896 with a very nice rear seat that was made for my daughter back in 1961 in Naples, Italy. I wish I had a picture, other than the one in my mind. It was very nice, fit her like a glove. She used from the age on one to the age of seven.
Sprint back seats

The Giulietta and Giulia parts manuals show the rear seat in the attached pictures. There is no middle arm rest. Reid's upholstery looks very well done but the armrest must have been a later addition.



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Back seats again

Okay, that was one of the pictures; now where did the Giulia go?


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