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101 Sprint interior

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was wondering if anyone had pictures of an original '62 101 Sprint interior, two tone blue/grey vinyl. i need to get an idea of the colour break up. i'm also interested in seeing the treatment on the back parcel shelf. the car is an american (Hoffman) delivered car which now resides here in Australia.
thanks Jock
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Grabbed this photo off of eBay just a few days ago (from a silver-colored Sprint):


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Here's a nice example that VSOC is selling:

The factory brochures state that the seats could be ordered with vinyl/cloth, vinyl/vinyl (two tone), solid one color vinyl, or leather. My seat kit from Elvezio Esposito just went to my upholstery guy or I would post some pics on a vinyl/vinyl combo (albeit red/gray vinyl, not blue/gray). The parcel shelf should be the darker color, blue in your case.

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Found this pic on the Fantasy Junction sold car list.

This SV was a low mileage (28K) original. Precisely the color scheme you were looking for.
Side bolster colors?

The pictures sent, except the first, are for older-generation (Giulietta) Sprints. I do like the colored vinyl down the sides of the horizontal cushion, but the first picture shows a solid-color seat all over. Many variations of upholstery were available on these cars; can anyone say whether later Spring seats did or did not have the vinyl side bolsters, or was it an option, etc?

Side bolster colors

I just checked my Giulietta and Giulia Sprint parts manuals. They show the Giulietta seats as having imitation leather bolsters and fabric inserts; and the Giulia seats in all-over interior leather. So the all-over fabric is a not unreasonable choice, although not, I guess, sufficient for a concours.

I had Re-Originals re-do my front seats in gray cloth with red piping. I was disappointed that they didn't come back with the red bolsters but now see that Alfa went for subtlety in its later models. So I will be satisfied. The red bolsters would have made too much of a contrast with my black door panels anyway (anyone want to trade for red?)

Jeffrey Frey
The original Giulietta brochure shows an option for single color vinyl, dual color vinyl, vinyl + cloth, or leather. I believe with the 63 Giulia Sprint Alfa changed to a single color seat. This pic is from an unmolested, totally original car.


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I'm no expert on 101 Sprint interiors (ask me about 105's!), but I need to comment on the photos posted by Pathung and 6Alfas. Princejockey says he has a '62 101, which I believe would be a Giulietta (Princejockey - you might clarify this for us). The cars in the photos posted by both Pathung and 6Alfas show the very distince Giulia dash - see the gauge cluster.

The car in Pathung's photo has a Giulietta steering wheel, while 6Alfas' photo shows a Giulia wheel.

My reason for nitpicking: Do the two series (Giulietta vs Giulia) have the same interior trim details? If not, showing your upholsterer pictures of a Giulia might result in an incorrect interior if he's working on a Giulietta.
Interiors are different between the Giulietta and Giulia. I posted the pic of the Giulia interior for comparison.
thanks Guys,
the car is a '62 the last of the 1300 Giulietta Sprints.
when purchased it had what the vendor described as a mexican interior.
apparently this means brown quilted vinyl everywhere. consequently i have no interior shots to go by.
i know the colour was gray/blue. i guess in the end I'll choose the split on what appeals and go with that.
once again thanks for the advice.
I'm doing the same type of restoration on my '62 Sprint and have looked at a lot of sources to "get it right", including the original sales brochures. The '61- era brochure shows colored side bolsters and piping trim. I believe the Fantasy Junction photos show a correct and original late-101 front-seat set-up with the correct door panels, which used a third, silvered vinyl behind the handle. The grey is of a very light shade. Early 101 Sprints seemed to come in vinyl/cloth combos and later ones in vinyl/vinyl. Most "seat kits" I've found come in some sort of vinyl/cloth combo which is not to my liking, nor perhaps correct for a '62. If anyone has installed an aftermarket 2-tone vinyl kit I would like to hear your opinion on how it looks/fits? I'm leaning toward a custom job using photos as reference. Also I haven't come across a good photo of an original rear-shelf. All the ones I've seen seem to be slightly different.
Does anyone know when or why Bertone flipped the interior door handles 180 degrees? Pictures of the early Sprints show them pointed down, later Sprints pointed up. My 63 has to have them pointed up in order for the door to open when they're pulled back. If they're pointed down you have to push forward to open the door, which is awkward. Did Bertone flip the mechanism inside, too?

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and no more room
There would be no need to "flip the mechanism" - the mechanical action has the same result when you reposition the hand lever. A pull on an upward positioned lever is the same as a push on a downward positioned lever.
Of course, but I did say that

"If they're pointed down you have to push forward to open the door, which is awkward. "

So, did Bertone reverse the mechanism in the sense that (before) the handles were pointed down and pulled back to open the door and (after) the handles were pointed up and pulled back to open the door?
The only "reversing" was done by owners who, having been exposed to Detroit's offerings since birth, expected that a door handle has to point downward.

Factory pics show the proper position of the handle:
(Yeah; I know Maria's elbow blocks the handle in the first pic but I love the shot anyway!)


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Chromed rear reflector housings? I've never seen that on any present-day car; what gives?
Pathung: Good pickup on the chromed reflector housings. Looks like something that "Big Daddy Ed Roth" would have done, but I presume the pictures that GTD posted are from the factory. Odd.

Note how much more complex the door panels are on the Giulietta than the Giulia (two tone, vs. monotone, etc). That was my point on 8/25 - don't be showing your upholsterer pictures of a Giulia if you are restoring a Giulietta. Of course, with 750/101 cars, don't be showing him a picture of a car built in April if your's left the factory in July!
Chromed rear reflector housings? I've never seen that on any present-day car; what gives?

There was a pair of chrome ones on ebay about a month or two ago. I questioned their authenticity as well but apparently in error.
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