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1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider
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Hi all. As I'm staring down my journey of restoring a 1961 Giulietta Spider (101), I'm starting to pick up some parts. For me, as I'm sure like others it's all about the hunt for the right parts. As such, I came across a set of chrome sill trim parts. I prefer original parts than just picking up a reproduction set from the usual suspects (OKP, Classic Alfa, Mr. Fiat, etc.). The set I picked up had a slight dent in the trim. So, I designed a 3D printable die tool to help straighten the part. This tool can be used to press out the dent in a vice or a shop press. Given that I'm probably not the only one that has encountered this, there may be others that could use this design. If you need it, just reach out and I'll provide you the CAD file I used to print this out.

I suspect that I'll be designing and printing my own tools as I continue to explore fixing my Spider. I'll post more of these designs and feel free to ping me if you want the cad that I designed to build this. I suspect that I'll go this route to either 3D Print or CNC Plasma cut my own set of Alfa Tools as the factory tools are becoming more expensive/scarce.

Here are some photos:

CAD Drawing of the Tool


Sill Chrome Damage


Tool on Sill Chrome Damage


Using a vice to press out damage



Damage pressed out, contour aligns well


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Fantastic stuff - another Giulietta saved !!

BB Member GTD made some very neat stainless steel fixing plates for these trims, basically reproducing the mild steel originals in stainless - well worth it as an invisible upgrade


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I can attest to GTD’s ss fixing plates for a ‘61 Spider. Just applied the last two to my glove box door last night. Lots of moisture can get behind that side rail trim. I do have all of the originals though. I have some extra stainless trim parts (front horizontal bars & an overrider) that are beyond my now used up patience. Sounds like you have a great plan for some of these. Good luck.
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