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Have a few axels, small drum and large drum, Veloce and Normal axels. All axel's ring and pinion look good. Early 101 1600 Giulias had a 3 shoe front brake ,these used a small drum,steel shoe, like the Giulietta model Alfa. Later, the axels used the large drum, like the front drums on the Giulietta model Alfas. NOTE, these are a larger ring and pinion,better bearing size, and the same later 105 outer drive shafts. The axels are interchangable with the 750 and 101, the Giulietta and the Giulia. Same pick up points!, same location for the limit straps. Great for the final drive, great for the track, and a must for those that don't have the correct parts. The 4.56 is the Veloce. Axels have the shoes. The shoes for the large drum are hard to find. Will post a photo or two later. asking 1000.00 plus the shipping cost
I have 4.56 ring and pinion only, available from one of my Track Alfa that I traded out for a 5.12, good condition 550.00 plus the shipping cost.
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