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101 Air box and 105 air box differnces

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I have been thinking of going with the dual carb air box for my '64 “Abnormalized” Giulia Spider, instead of air horn or domed air filters.

Recently, I was informed that the 101 and 105 cast air boxes are of different widths. I assume this is due to 101/105 clearance issues between the carbs and the right side inner fender.

Is this why Veloce engines were canted some 5° - 7° to the driver’s side (LHD cars)?

If the widths are not greatly different, will either work with my car?


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The width of the 101 1300 box is smaller than the 1600 101 and 105 box.
The 101 1600 lower part is the same as the 105 lower part, so they are interchangeable.

How are the top parts different?


There are round top parts: 101 1600 veloce till 1965
Oval top parts without venting 101 veloce 1965 and 105.
Later is oval with venting 105
They all fit the lower 1600 part
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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