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Apologies for the double post, I originally put this in the wrong forum...

Basically want to swap these later setups onto a 65 Sprint GT without needing to hunt for too many components.

Front Axle
I'm looking for the taller 10" uprights, I don't have a preference between small (3.0" mount spacing) or large (3.5") ATE calipers. The earliest small ATE setup has shorter uprights and I can't use those.

I'd like to get the complete assembly with everything outboard of the uprights: spindle, hub, rotor, caliper

Rear Axle
Also need a 4.56 LSD rear end, which I understand came on 2L USA cars. Again, I'd prefer it complete with hubs, rotors & calipers.

Probably easiest if the rear axle is in norcal, but I'm not firmly opposed to shipping if I have to.
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