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1) If it's not robbing the college fund or making you skip rent / mortgage payments - you don't need to ask permission to buy it. You are an adult and its your money.

2) If it was your car before your relationship existed, then selling it is your call. It's your car! And guess what. They proceeds are yours too.

3) If you are having a baby, you could always work harder and put in more hours. Your car never did anything to stop you. Go for it!

4) Backing out on a sale with the excuse about your significant other not letting you buy the car is probably the single most lame cop out in the world. We understand if you don't have the money or the space.

5) If your significant other doesn't like you bringing home project cars of various kinds (although they might all be cool Italian cars) rent a storage unit instead of bringing them home. This is what people call "common sense" also known as respect for people living amongst you. It works well and makes them like you more!

6) It's me or the car! Don't fall for this one. This is just another way of them saying "car or no car, you're still in a lot of trouble" clearly your interpersonal issues are not actually about cars.

7) "You haven't worked on this thing in ages, it's been sitting here for years and I want to use the garage." Ah ha! Time to clean the garage and move the car outside with a car cover. Then move it back inside after complaints focus on lack of driveway space. It will seem like you did them a favor!

8) It's impractical. Never let this one get off the ground. Of course it's impractical. So is the SUV and minivan after your kids are over 5 years of age. Now what? At least your collector car has style. Can your Honda CRV say the same?

9) You never drive it. Whose fault is that? Sure that makes sense on paper, but you bought it to enjoy it your own way. That might simply mean you like looking at it or sitting in it for that matter. How does this change anything?

10) "You spend all your time on that old car!" Oh trust in this fact: If it wasn't the car taking up your time, it would be SOMETHING else. Believe it. Everyone has a thing they do. They may do it on a couch, on a computer or in a driveway under a car, but they are gonna be doing it. That's life!

Cars get all attention and blame, but the problem is not our 4 wheeled friends. It's people and how we relate to them. Just remember. With or without the car, nobody gets a free ride.
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