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10 bucks a stud?

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I am thinking of buying panasports for my Duetto and i need to change my wheel studs because the originals are too short for alloys.
Am I missing something but studs are 10 bucks a piece at the usual places - 160 bucks to change all? - any other options?
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Use the SEARCH feature; your answer was posted before you asked the question:
Summit Racing

Just letting you know I did a similar conversion on my vintage Mercedes recently, with no problems, for about $57 (for 20 studs).

I used ARP wheel studs meant for Hondas. I ordered them from Summit Racing (mostly American car drag race stuff, very similar to Jegs). $12 for a set of 5, and very good quality. Their website makes it easy to search and sort by thread size, length and spline diameter. Plus, they were in stock, and were shipped and at my door in a day or two.

With the M12x1.5mm thread size, you have many options, since even newer American cars use that size.

(And, it's fun to tell Mercedes purists that my car has Honda studs!)

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