I have a 1984 GTV6 for sale. I bought this years ago as a project with the intention of restoring it, but have too many other projects (including another GTV6 I'm still working on) and just never got around to this one. It has been sitting in my driveway for the past 15+ years calmly waiting, silently rusting and generally annoying my extremely patient wife.

At this point it might be a good Lemons car, parts car or driver if you fancy a project.

Good stuff:
• The car ran well when parked. I believe it has around ~70k miles according to the previous owner, but the speedo had stopped working so that was just an estimate. Engine turns freely by hand.
• It is mostly complete. No exhaust from the cat back (I used this for my other car), it's missing the hood liner, sunroof handle surround and the shelf under the glove box, but I think everything else is there. Door/hatch locks work and are all keyed alike; I rekeyed them when I got the car. Door panels are not pictured, but are included.
• Spare set of Campagnolo wheels with black centers. Several of the wheels on the car are bent, but ok for rolling around.
• Rebuilt transaxle - zero miles on rebuild. I replaced some of the syncros and swapped worn parts for good used ones from my spare parts stash. Sorry I don't recall more specifics. It is the third transaxle I've done. It is 4.10:1 and has the Milano isostatic linkage, though the bushings in the linkage need to be replaced.
• Poly caster rod bushings.

Bad stuff:
• Rust in rear lip of the hatch, rear wheel well, driver side inner fender and little bubbles in fenders/cowl (poor previous repair?).
• Sitting and not run in years. The rubber fuel lines have disintegrated and need to be replaced as do probably many other rubber bits. Seats are dry with split seams. Power mirror switch is broken. Vertical crack in right side of windshield.
• Passenger side door sticks/sags a little and there is play in the hinge. I have a used replacement hinge somewhere. I just need to track it down.
• It rolls, but the tires are ancient so it would be best to move it on a trailer.

I've swapped some bits with my other car so this has the blue interior from an '83 (except for the dash) and the 85mph speedo. Transaxle is 4.10:1 with the Milano isostatic mechanism. It has a Milano shifter and I fabricated the correct length shift rod for use in a GTV6.

I've stuck a bunch of photos in an album. If there are any others you want to see or have any questions please let me know.
1984 GTV6 photos