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I hope this program makes it stateside when Alfa returns. The full story is on Not that Alfa really needs a styling edge over the competition, but this does add something more personal between the cars and their owners.

In response to the growing number of requests from the market, Alfa Romeo has now developed the ‘Unique Alfa’ Customisation Programme, a new departure for the brand that will enable customers to make their cars even more refined and exclusive. The wide ranging programme will be on show in Frankfurt next week.

The Alfa Romeo Customisation programme has been available on the entire range for a couple of months, and was born out of the experience of the Alfa 8C Competizione, the model that the brand has chosen to define its strategies with precision and authority. One of the winning features of this lovely GT is the fact that it was conceived to cater for every whim of competent, refined customers, who wish to state their personality by the way they configure their car, transforming a car that is already exclusive into something unique. By the same principle, the ‘Unique Alfa’ Programme, the expression of the best Italian products, now extends this opportunity to the other Alfa Romeo models. Alfa Romeo is one of the most prestigious brands in motoring history, and it indubitably conjures up the art of Italian living, expressed in a perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity, heritage and the avant-garde, beauty and culture. And it is thanks to this propensity for art and beauty that the Alfa Romeo Customisation Programme has taken shape, developing into three different areas that identify the brand’s exclusive values and make its relationship with its customers unique.
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