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wiring diagram

  1. wiring diagram 73 GTV2000

    GT (1963-1977)
    I am a new owner of a '73 GTV2000 and new to the alfabb. I am need of a full wiring diagram and see that papajam was an incredible source for these - what a shame on his passing, it is clear he was an institution on this site. Can anyone direct me to a source?
  2. Taillight/Column Switch wiring diagram Spider Series 3?

    Electrical, Chassis & Lighting
    Hello Everyone, Since the beloved Papajam has gone to the great Alfa museum in the sky, does anyone have a wiring diagram for a Spider Series 3 (not certain what year the switch I am swapping to my 91 came from)? Unable to get the taillights to work. Headlights, turn signals work. Thanks, Rande
  3. 65 Sprint GT guage Wiring help

    GT (1963-1977)
    Hi, i have installed the original wiring harness in the restoration of my 65 Sprint GT. it was in excellent shape after begin stored 25 years ! The dash clocks came in a box with no markings.. I have a wiring diagram but this gives no connections on the dash gauges (it only shows the wires...
  4. Clarion PU 9473a wiring

    Audio Electrical & Acoustics
    :frown2: Hi does any one have the correct wiring diagram for a US Spec 91 Spider Clarion PU 9473a Stereo? i have it working but the speakers are not right and it crackles i think i am a back line short but i don't know the correct wiring to confirm. i have looked on the clarion US web site...
  5. Milano 75 wiring scans

    Milano/75 (1985-1993)
    Hi I have an old Milano shop manual with the fold out wiring diagrams. I've scanned these at 600 DPI and they're pretty nice. You can enlarge them on your computer screen up to 200% and still read the details. I've also printed them out to 24 by 36 inches and again, very readable. Attached...
  6. Anyone have Wiring Diagram for Giulietta Sprint Speciale?

    Giulietta & Giulia (1954-65)
    Hi All, Does someone have a good scan of the wiring diagram for a Giulietta Sprint Speciale? And if so, could you please help me out? The one on the CarDisc DVD is very low resolution. Any help appreciated! Thanks.