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  1. Video Maker Looking For Alfas for Micro Doc type Videos

    AONJ – Alfa Owners of NJ
    Hello! I'm a filmmaker who loves cars. I'd learned to love and appreciate Alfa Romeos. I blame my love for Poliziotteschi movies. Anyways, I live in Brooklyn but I'm from NJ originally, I'm looking to do micro car documentary type videos like you see on Petrolicious or /Drive channels seen on...
  2. For all Alfisti that speak a bit Italian and own a Giulietta Spider

    Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    This video is for all Alfisti that speak Italian and want to install the seat covers and the foams of Giulietta Spider on their own. Enjoy! :wink2: Check the blog
  3. Giulietta Spider Seats' Foams and Covers

    Alfa Romeo Videos
    Hi everybody, as I wrote in the pictures room I want to share with you these two tutorial videos about Giulietta Spider : How to install the backrest foams and seat covers of front seats How to install the bottom foams and the seat covers Enjoy and if you have already installed your...
  4. Short emotional video of my GTV 2000

    Picture Room
    Hey guys, i think you might be interested in this video of my GTV. Alfa Romeo 2000 on Vimeo Happy New Year Alfisiti! M.
  5. 1975 GTV 2000. Restoration

    Alfa Romeo Videos
    Hi. Click here to see the first in a series of videos that a film maker is producing of my latest Alfa restoration. There will be more to come as the rebuild progresses. Enjoy! - Michael.
  6. Something to brighten the day of Montreal owners

    Alfa Romeo Montreal
    From "The Marseille Contract"
  7. GT Junior 1300 - A quick ride across Milano

    Alfa Romeo Videos
    C&B 10.9 cams, "stinger" muffler. P.s. me with my car :cool:
  8. '87 Quad at Point Pelee

    Alfa Romeo Videos
    I put this together over the last couple of days using my iPhone. I think it came out ok for a first effort. Cheers, Tom
  9. Help me decipher engine sound

    GT (1963-1977)
    Hello everyone, I am starting work on a 1967 Alfa GT Junior 1300. Yesterday I got the engine running after I don't know how many years it's been sitting still. I had to temporarily replace it's original 40 DCOE carburetors with a couple of 45s I have as it's carbs need rebuilding. The 45s are...
  10. Squirrel facing a Lambo

    Other Italian Cars
    Imagine a squirrel trying to cross a race track where a Lamborghini LP670-4 SV. You may say...poor little thing he became mashed squirrel...well you guessed wrong this one survived...check out the video
  11. 24 Hours of Lemons: Milano

    Alfa Romeo Videos
    Hi All! Our team just completed our second 24 Hours of Lemons with our $299 '87 Milano. As would be expected, we had some mechanical issues which kept us off the track some. But, as would also be expected, the car was a sweet ride and sounded really great. We'll be working on her again soon...