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  1. Tipo 33 Stradale Replica Build

    Limited Production (1960-1977)
    Alright, I'm doing it. Chassis is going to be a steel spaceframe inspired by the "Locost" Lotus 7 Replica project. Suspension uprights, braking and steering components will be salvaged from a Miata. The transaxle will be a Subaru 5-speed unit. Engine can be anything really, but I would prefer...
  2. Project TZ/TZ2 & Tipo 33 Stradale

    Alfa Romeo History
    Yesterday, we were in Arese, in the Museo Storico and the Archives. For a good reason: it was the official start of two projects, first) Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale, second) Alfa Romeo TZ/TZ2. on the long term we will (hopefully) publish two books, on the short term we want to start what we call...
  3. For Sale Tipo 33 magnesium wheels, Campagnolo

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    A very rare find! I have a set of original Campagnolo magnesium wheels for sale. These wheels were used on the Autodelta works prepared Alfetta GTV V8 and Montreal Group 4 cars. The size are 10x15 front wheels and 11x15 for the rear wheels. The wheels are in original, unmolested condition...
  4. 2009 Le Mans 24hrs thread

    This weekend (June 13 and 14) is the 77th running of the 24 hours of Le Mans: Site officiel des 24 Heures du Mans It looks to be a good race with Audi and Peugeot vying for the overall win. (With all due respect to the ther LMP1 entrants, it will be hard to beat these two marques to the...