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  1. 164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    It's been idling rough at 800 rpm, rarely at 1000 rpm. Very rough idle, sounds like the car is about to die at any moment. Accelerated is rough too, can barely drive in 1st gear without stuttering. Exhaust also pops, it has to be running rich. Bad timing has to be the culprit, does anyone know...
  2. 164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    1993 alfa romeo 164s receiving a call from my father (a mechanic) i suspected the worse he was 2 hours late and driving my 164s he tells me he heard the same noise that he heard from his Mitsubishi Gallant when his timing belt broke we go to his shop the next day took off the valve cover and...
1-2 of 2 Results