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  1. Nuovo Disco Volante

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    Article on a 60th anniversary Disco Volante to appear at Geneva Auto Show Disco Volante 2012 ?flying saucer? - Latest car stories - MSN Cars UK
  2. 1900 Super Sprint Rear Side Window

    Picture Room
    Howdy, I came across an untitled folder on my computer the other day and it turned out to be full of pics from a classic car show in Bristol on the 24th April 2010 that I had somehow completely forgotten about. The show had a strong Italian theme I have posted some pics already this week on...
  3. For Sale 1957 1900 CSS, Touring Superleggera 3-Window Coupe (Series IV)

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    Located in Houston, TX Vehicle History: Hemmings Motor News: Classified Listings
  4. For Sale Mint examples of the book 'Il Signor Touring'

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    For sale: mint examples of the book 'Il Signor Touring'. Autoland managed to fetch a few examples of this much sought after book by Automobilia that describes the life of Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni or 'Signor Touring' and his connection with the famous Touring coachbuilder. Only...