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  1. 164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, Does anyone know a source or at least the part numbers for the two plastic spacers that go on a 164 brake balancer bar where it mounts to the rear subframe?
  2. 164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, Have seen someone galvanise a 164 rear subframe on another site. Has anyone here tried it? Was wondering if the process could distort the shape.
  3. 164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, Am at the final stages of rear subframe removal and, so Alfa, the last of the 4 remaining bolts has siezed hard - so much that the 13mm socket on it turns but the bolt doesn't. Been looking at bolt extractor tools but, as the bodyshell is being scrapped, am considering just drilling the...
1-3 of 3 Results