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  1. Montreal Speedo Sender

    Alfa Romeo Montreal
    All, I have found what appears to be a weeping leak at the sender for the speedo on the tranny. AR p/n It is not leaking at the mounting, it is on the end of it (circle end facing you in attached diagram from TAV 44). It looks like a PO tried to epoxy it and it did not work...
  2. Anybody use a GPS sender in their OEM speedometer?

    Milano/75 (1985-1993)
    Anybody use a GPS sender in their OEM speedometer? Hi Is anybody using a GPS sender along with the OEM speedometer? The transaxle based sender in my Milano is failing. I'd like to replace it with a GPS based sender. For this to work, the GPS sender is going to have to send a signal to the OEM...
  3. Oil temperature and pressure senders

    Alfa Romeo Montreal
    All, Looking to se how others have replaced the senders on thier Montreal. According to the Monty parts manual: Oil Temp Sender is: which corresponds to a Facet 7.3002 coolant temp sender, readily avaialble Oil Pressure Sender is: which looks like the same...