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  1. Sebring 1966

    Picture Room
    Something fantastic I pulled off of FB. I have been told that #61 is Zeccoli/Geki & #63 Geki/Andrey (finish 14th)
  2. Anyone from the Naples area attending Sebring?

    SFAROC - South Florida Alfa Romeo Owners Club
    I sold a part to a gentleman in the Naples, Fl area and I am hoping that someone from that area is attending the Sebring 12 Hour races next weekend. I'll be there racing my Giulia Spider. Can you take it back with you so the buyer can then pick it up from you? It's an aluminum 'belly pan'...
  3. SVRA/HSR Vintage races in Sebring next week

    Giulietta & Giulia (1954-65)
    Hello, I'll be bringing my 1600cc Giulia Spider, #95, red, and my buddy, Dave Anderson, from Tallahassee, will bring his red GTV 2000. Care to attend? We'll have a nice camp spot in the vintage paddock, large RV and canopies, and plenty of food, beer, and crash pads for you if attending...
  4. Sebring Vintage races next week...

    Hello, I'll be attending the HSR/SVRA vintage races next week in Sebring. My buddy Dave Anderson from Tallahassee will bring his GTV and I'll have my 1600cc Giulia Spider, #95, red. I haven't seen the entry list yet but I expect to see a few more of Arese's best there. I welcome anyone...