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  1. Tipo 33 Stradale Replica Build

    Limited Production (1960-1977)
    Alright, I'm doing it. Chassis is going to be a steel spaceframe inspired by the "Locost" Lotus 7 Replica project. Suspension uprights, braking and steering components will be salvaged from a Miata. The transaxle will be a Subaru 5-speed unit. Engine can be anything really, but I would prefer...
  2. info on GTA replica/ Modified/ Aluminium bodied alfas *please help*

    Car Restoration
    Hi everybody, in a pickle in need of advise, back story first, pickle later…* - Bought 72 gt junior … good times - Decided to restore alfa, didn’t look too bad to begin with (simple restoration) - Went to basters, came back from blasters… knackered. For a good restoration, all outer panels...
  3. Lancia Fulvia help

    Other Italian Cars
    Hi all I am currently looking at buying a Lancia Fulvia but don't know a huge amount about the cars. I've looked at quite a few cars on the internet to help determine what series I want etc and stumbled across an old posting on Bring a trailer. They had listed a car that I just love the look...
  4. Is Tribute to GTA Frowned Upon

    GTA (1965-1975)
    Hello, In December I purchased my first Alfa, a highly modified 1968 RHD Guilia Sprint (original embems came removed but with it). It is a solid body Step-Nose and I have began transforming it into a powerful South Africa street (must have backseat for my kids)/trackday car. I have a complete...
  5. Too much cam!

    My Milano 2.0 liter TS powered Lotus 23 replica has just way too much cam for the street! The cams appear to be Kent ''Sports R' with a little over 300 degrees duration. The intake was advanced 8 degrees(!) when I got it -- resetting to 0 degrees helped quite a bit. My question: can I re-time...