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  1. Grind/Growl Sound Just Before Fuel Cutoff

    Carburetors, Fuel Injection & Air Intake
    Hi All, Proud owner of a '78 Spider here. Bought it about a year ago and its running great! During the last few drives (over the last couple of weeks) I've noticed its developed a bit of a growl or grinding sound upon deceleration right before the fuel cutoff. If I hold the accelerator right...
  2. Wanted Montreal Spica pump part

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hello, I just bought a Montreal Spica pump, but I need the part the filter housing. Anybody has one as a spare part ? Does anybody know where I can find a Spica gaskets set ? Thanks in advance
  3. 164 waterpump and flywheel bolts

    164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, Am about to change the water pump and flywheel on a manual 1994 3.0 24v 164. Seems a good idea to re-assemble with new bolts but need to order them in advance. Does anyone know the size/spec of these bolts? Stainless bolts a good idea for the waterpump? Thanks, Richard
  4. 164 fuel pump & tank connectors

    164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, Hopefully my final post on this topic. Am about to remove the fuel tank on a 164 twinspark - rear subframe removed and swaybar lowered for clearance. Just not sure what pipes actually connect to the tank itself or how to undo them without causing damage. Not even sure if they all connect...
  5. 24v water pump removal

    164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, Sounds like the bearing on my 24v 1995 164 3.0 water pump is not a happy bunny as the revs go above 2,000rpm so going to change it. Know it's a cambelt change too but that's also pretty much due anyway. Question is, can the water pump be changed without having to remove any of the cam...
  6. Water Pump 1978

    Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    My 78 spider had been leaking a little bit of coolant for a while, but last week all of a sudden the leak got a lot worse. The radiator is probably almost dry now. I took a look and it seems to be the water pump. So I went looking for a replacement part and found one on Autozone's website that...
  7. For Sale COMPLETE SPICA system, '74 Spider!

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I do mean complete. From the fuel pump and filter to the air-box and all that you want in between. If I use this '74 Spider engine it will be on Webers. Engine is running now so I know the SPICA is working well. Do not want to break up the set, I know that once the pump is sold the rest would...
  8. power steering rack and pump change

    164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, Have tried removing the power steering pump on my 24v 164 and it seems a maze of hard to get to bolts. Does anyone use any special tools for this or am I just being lame? Is there any residual pressure in the system to be wary of when undoing the pipes? What happens if power steering fluid...
  9. engine banging

    164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, For the first 30 seconds or so after morning first start there is an intermittent impact 'bang' from the belt side of the engine. It's not regular and clears after the short period but is quite heavy. Suspect the power steering pump, it moves at least 1cm in-out on its axis but not sure...
  10. Fuel in the air intake... and flames!

    Alfetta & GTV6 (1972-1986)
    Hello everyone, I am a new member to this part of the forum (I have posted in the GT 1963-1977 section previously as I had a couple of GTs). I just bought a magnificent white 1981 GTV6 from the original owner's family. It has 155k miles on it and has been sitting a in garage for the past 13...
  11. For Sale 2 Spica FI pumps

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    SOLD....thanks BBers! Two Spica FI pumps for sale: #1: out of a running 72 GTV, worked when removed. I believe it to be 100% complete, but wires at bottom are cut and need to be spliced. Turns freely. Asking $100 + shipping (from Oakland, CA. Local pickup accepted) #2: spare Spica that came...
  12. Spider fuel system question (carbureted)

    Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    Hi everyone, I'm sorting out the spider I bought last week and had a few questions that I'm having a hard time finding any info on. The in-tank fuel pump is dead and the in-line Facet gold flow pump seems like its dying. I will be replacing/adapting the in-tank fuel pump with a 12 psi, 35gph...
  13. Fuel Pump (Near Tank) - Specs Needed

    Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    I'm currently working on 73 spider (SPICA) Does anyone know the GPH and PSI specification for the fuel pump near the tank? This car is a non-runner and the pump is seized. Really I don't know if what was last on here is OEM. Thanks in advance!
  14. Alfettas not starting

    Alfetta & GTV6 (1972-1986)
    G'day, I recently renewed all the gaskests etc of my Dellorto Carbies, since putting them back on ive been having a bit of trouble getting my alfetta started. (It doesnt even ignite when turned over.) :mad: The engine has ran before, (very rough though). I have checked that the fuel is...
  15. For Sale A/C system GTV6

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I have a complete A/C system for sale. Or all the individual parts. They have been taken off piece by piece and are in very good condition. In Minnesota our cars rust but the climate makes the rubber parts last forever.
  16. 1988 Spider Fuel Pump Problem?

    Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    Hello everyone. In December, I found out that a beautiful 1988 Alfa Spider was coming to live in my garage in upstate NY. My Uncle, outside of Cincinnati has owned the car for 4-5 years and found little time to drive it (400 miles or so per year). Realizing he was doing the world, not to...
  17. Has oil pump failed?

    164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    I was at VIR and seemed to lose power going up the hill on North Course. I may have heard some noise, but I am not sure since there were other cars nearby. I was able to limp down pit lane, but the car stalled pulling into the paddock. I had it towed home. I did turn it over a few times in...
  18. Milano Abs Pump

    Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    The ABS light is on, when I fire up the car brake fluid squirts out of the side of the pump. Are these pumps servicable? Has any one tried to replace the 'o' rings or seals in one? Centerline found me a new pump ($$$) but I am leaning towards converting over to non ABS w/ used parts, especialy...