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  1. Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    Dear all, will a young person ever be able to purchase a classic Alfa in the medium term? ie will prices for classic models continue their ascent, throwing all our hopes out the airlock? Or do you think there is any possibility for prices to drop in the next 10 years in real terms? Alfas up to...
  2. Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    #6 is the Alfa Romeo Spider. For what it's worth. Ten Cars That Could Explode In Value Soon
  3. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    I am new to Alfas, but over the years have bought and sold many classic cars. It seems to me the OCPG values for alfas are often half what cars seem to be selling for, and asking prices from dealers. specifically 70s GTVs, and 2600 spiders, both of whichI am very interested in buying. To the...
  4. Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    Hi! I am thinking about pulling the trigger on buying an '84 Spider, but I would really like some advice on what a reasonable price would be, as I know nothing about alfa romeos apart from the research I've been doing online. I'm also having a hard time finding prices for this exact model on...
  5. Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    Garage find ( Now with some pictures 7th and 8th posts) A neighbourhood gentleman who has known I have admired his car for 30 plus years is now a the point where he is considering selling the car. It has a 2 owner pedigree. The car is complete as far as I can see. He has driven it very...
  6. Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    I wish I could say this post is for myself, but sadly, it's for a friend of mine. He is looking at two different Alfas both located in the California. And we wanted to get a better rough idea of what they are worth/what he should look to be paying in general. He's narrowed his search two two...
1-6 of 6 Results