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  1. 164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, Am having a bit of an on-going issue with my 24v 3.0 1995 manual 164. When first start the car, if it has been standing for a few days (the longer the worse the symptom), it takes a moment for the oil pressure to build - and then it goes over centre on the dial, to about 5 bar, until the...
  2. 164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, Have a 1995 164 3.0 24v manual and am hoping this is a needless query but this happened today: Started the car, oil pressure light stayed on but oil pressure needle rose OK. After few seconds the light went out and assumed faulty sender (once came on at 70mph 10 years ago - again gauge...
  3. Gearbox, Transaxle, Differential & Propshaft
    Hi All, Currently putting in a new clutch, flywheel and pressure plate and was curious if there are any recommendations on where to source the pressure plate bolts that attach to the flywheel. I dug up an old post on here that said they were M8 × 1mm × 16mm but I can't seem to find an M8×1mm...
  4. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I'm in need of the hard line that connects from the oil pressure gauge in my 1958 Giulietta Spider Normale through the firewall and then connects to a flex hose. I just need the hard line.
  5. Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    Dear All. I have during the last year been fighting trying to find the reason why my '69 Spider is spraying coolant water from the top cover of the radiator. It happens when the enging is warm and running fine. Some facts and findings: - The cover does first fill the coolant spare reservoir...
  6. 1900, 2000 & 2600 (1950-1968)
    Help. Please. We just finished a complete engine overhaul on our 2600 Sprint. On startup, there is no oil pressure. Nothing at all. In fact, on the initial startup the valve cover was off and everything was totally dry. Literally, the oil didn't come up. I am so **** mad, I don't even know...
1-6 of 6 Results