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  1. For Sale Spruell racing Clutch & Flywheel for sale

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I am cleaning out my garage and I found a brandy new Paul Spruell racing flywheel that I probably intended for my 2 liter engine. I sold that car over a decade ago and have no use for this part. I have it here in my garage in Italy but am coming back for a week on Monday so I can really torture...
  2. Building a 200HP Twin Spark

    Engine Conversions
    Building a 200hp Twin Spark A quick history first . I put my Twin Spark into my spider with a Jim Steck distributor and Weber 45's . Over the last two winter I have gone to aftermarket fuel injection /ignition using motorcycle throttle bodies and GM coil packs all run by a DTA Fast computer...