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  1. Video Maker Looking For Alfas for Micro Doc type Videos

    AONJ – Alfa Owners of NJ
    Hello! I'm a filmmaker who loves cars. I'd learned to love and appreciate Alfa Romeos. I blame my love for Poliziotteschi movies. Anyways, I live in Brooklyn but I'm from NJ originally, I'm looking to do micro car documentary type videos like you see on Petrolicious or /Drive channels seen on...
  2. Need to replace floor pan in NJ

    Car Restoration
    I have a 1974 Alfa spider. Over the winter I decided to remove the carpet and see if I had any rust, and how bad it is. Unfortunately, the driver side floor pan is spent - and everything else could do with a patch. My father is a retired welder, and had volunteered to help out with the...