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  1. 164 mystery exhaust bolt

    164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hi, have a 1995 24v 164 and a mystery bolt has dropped off it. Alfa garage can't find any details for it on their system but know it was there as have a hole in its place. The culprit sits near the bottom of the rear exhaust manifold, about an inch above the flange where it connects to the...
  2. An Alfa in my novel

    Off-Topic Talk
    In my latest novel, I like Alfa's so much I wanted one of my characters to drive one. In the book, "A Murder In Zurich", one of the main characters, a Carlo Palmeri, a policeman in Italy drives a red Alfa. I am now writing a sequal to it and the main character, Vinnie DeAngelis, an American PI...