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  1. Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    Like many 71 Spiders, some time in the past 40 years, the nose of my car was bumped and repaired. The original bumpers were replaced with bumpers from a 74 Spider, including the Dagmars. For the younger crowd here, I'll call them bumperettes. I've finally managed to locate some rubber bumper...
  2. Carburetors, Fuel Injection & Air Intake
    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of rebuilding my 40DCOE webers for a Giulia GT Junior 1300. The rubber mounts are completely shot and therefore I would like to replace them with the long version of the solid aluminum mounts (for increased torque). I'm in California and have not been able to...
1-2 of 2 Results