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  1. Other Italian Cars
    Here there are some pics taken yesterday at Monza racetrack. Enjoy. Coppa Intereuropa 2013 - a set on Flickr
  2. Other Italian Cars
    Abarth Record-Breaking Cars: Two Vehicles Based on Fiat and Alfa Romeo Chassis with Bodies Styled by Pinin Farina Automobile Engineer vol. 47, no. 6, June 1957, pgs 229-231 [Apologies that the scan isn't better]. The mirror image placement of two bodies in the wind tunnel is a curious...
  3. Alfa Romeo History
    Calling all Alfa historians! I'm looking to build a 1/8 scale model of the 1935 German GP winner with which Nuvolari famously trounced the mighty Germans. I'll be using a Pocher 1/8 Monza kit as a starting point, and want as fully detailed and accurate representation as I can get. I have to...