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  1. Alfa MiTo Aux Cord

    Production Alfas (1992-2016) - [CA/USA Excluded]
    Ive got a 2011 mito and ive tried fitting the aux cord block into the back of the radio and it doesn't seem to work, I've looked around and can't seem to find much luck on the issue online, so I've decided to ask here. There seem to be some cut wire behind the radio but they have been diverted...
  2. turbo surging at midrange RPM half-boost

    Production Alfas (1992-2016) - [CA/USA Excluded]
    Hello i hope i find everyone well. I am a new member of the forum.I own a mito tjet 155 with a fully straight piped decat custom exhaust, an K&N air intake and a stage 1 remap from Viezu (that didnt make such a difference). Recently i wanted to make the most out of the setup so i went for a...
  3. What an insult!

    Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    So it looks like the US is getting dissed. Alfa Romeo CEO Says MiTo Sub-Compact May Not Come to U.S. After All | Motortrend News & Auto Blog - Wide Open Throttle Then from the same search; Japan Gets Special Alfa Romeo MiTo Imola Edition I'm just a bit peturbed by the "logic" of heads of...