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  1. Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    Hi all I have this Alfa Romeo luggage set that came with my dad's Giulietta back in 1981. It's still in excellent condition considering it's 40 years old, as it was hardly ever used and mostly in storage all these years. I was wondering if someone might know more about it and what it's worth...
  2. Alfa Romeo Collectibles, Manuals For Sale, Wanted
    I have a limited amount of these left. $225 plus shipping. Quality made sturdy glass, Plastic frames. Light up Nice. Scott YouTube: Scott W Alfaholic
  3. Alfa Romeo Collectibles, Manuals For Sale, Wanted
    In 1992, I was at the Paris Auto show and managed to see the Factory-restored ALFA B.A.T.s on the Bertone stand. I talked them out of their last poster and a copy of the Bertone 80th Anniversary booklet. That started me collecting B.A.T. Memorabilia. A few years later, I met John Francis Marsh...
1-3 of 3 Results