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  1. Renting an Alfa in Italy

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    Does anyone have a source for renting an Alfa in Italy. The rental agency my travel agent uses doesn't rent them at all, and the other agencies that list them won't guarantee an Alfa, only cars in the same class as either a Giulietta or Guilia. Thanks. John
  2. Drive to Italy with 4C

    Alfa Romeo 4C
    Have a look at our road trip to Italy on YouTube Just enter "Bella Garda 4C Club Schweiz" Lots of nice shots on winding roads including Stelvio Col P.S. I am new so not allowed to share link yet.
  3. Alfa Romeo Vid

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  4. Giulietta Sprint 2 Serie: Vinyl and Striped Fabric

    Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    This fabric and color combinations (like the original) is for the panels of Giulietta Sprint 2nd series. We produce these panels also in other colors, so the available options are: gray, red or blue combined with the striped cloth like in the pictures here. The shade of the striped cloth...
  5. The Making of Giulietta Sprint Door Panels

    Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    Hi everybody, if you want to give a look to my video I am more than happy. We produced these Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint door panels in our shop. I hope you will enjoy Please feel free to contact me for any question at [email protected]
  6. Summer Meeting in South Italy with Beautiful Italian Cars

    Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    Every year there is a meeting in Southern Italy with many Italian Classic Cars. Give a look to have an idea of fun summer time for classic cars lovers. VIDEO Enjoy!
  7. Giulietta Sprint Interiors: Seat Covers and Panels

    Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    We produce and sale beautiful interiors for Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Giulia Sprint. In the picture below is an example of interiors in blue vinyl and striped fabric for 2nd series. It is possible to produce these interiors in other original colors, such as dark red, black, gray and red. We do...
  8. Pictures Montreal Meeting 2012 - Tuskany / Italy

    Alfa Romeo Montreal
    This thread is intended as link collection for pictures and videos. No discussions, comments and off topic stuff please! Please add your links and have fun :) Hanspeter
  9. Pebble Beach lawn vs. italian suburban road

    Other Italian Cars
    There are surely many big differences between USA and Italy. One of these is our poor ability in exploiting our beauties. So, sometimes it could suddenly happen to find beauty on a messy suburban road sidewalk.... credits: :D:D:D
  10. A new proposal for 1000 Miglia participants: a book where you are the protagonist

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    I'm a photographer living in Brescia, Italy. In 2011 I made a book dedicated to a single crew taking part to the competition. The work have been very appreciated, so I decided to extend the proposal to a small number among the 2012 participants (reservation is required). Here is a link to the...
  11. Marchionne says he isn't making a profit in Italy

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    Hello members, Yesterday (Sunday the 24th of October 2010), Marchionne said in an Italian television program that Fiat is going to make a profit of 2 billion euro's this year. According to Marchionne, Fiat is not making any profit in Italy, it is making a loss there. He also said that one...
  12. Best of France & Italy November 1, 2009

    Car Events
    Just check their website Best of France & Italy because I hadn't heard anything, and guess what? It's only 1 month and a few days away, I hope we can get a large Alfa contingent again this year.
  13. Video, Duetto and Mille Miglia 2008

    Alfa Romeo Videos
    I drove the Mille Miglia (1000 miglia) together with the Italian Duettoclub last May 2008. Marvellous and most exciting. Thanks to bebo, J-L 2pipes , Renzo, Inqui and everybody from the :: Duetto Club Italia :: :) Intro. 1000 Miglia 2008 Alfa Romeo Duetto Wille R. Introduction 1st part. 1st...