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  1. Italia 2000 for sale in Italy

    Other Italian Cars
    Found on ebay at 18k. The seller says that is a '56 car, obviously he's wrong, but, from what I could understand, the seller neither doesn't know the exact name of the car. The car has strange seats and seems to lack of the external side trims. The color too seems a creative choice. At least, it...
  2. Italia's reborn

    Other Italian Cars
    Well, after 14 months of work, study, ebay searches and a lot of curses, Italia 2000 is reborn. Now she is under expert hands to fine tune the carburetors and fix some minor problems which obviously can be seen only when the car is running. From this: to this: Garbage is not the best...
  3. Alfa Brera Italia Independent European Fashion Tour

    Car Events
    The new Alfa Brera Italia Independent was on tour around Europe from november 7th to the end of the 2009. The car visited Zurich, Paria, London, Berlin and other cities. The car was dirive by "The Fashionist", a style street expert in quest for style. It's possible to follow the trip here: Alfa...